Cabinet Van Teslaar, spécialiste de la réparation des dommages corporels.

Personal injury law

62, Boulevard de Sébastopol 75003 PARIS (FRANCE)

Compensation for personal injury and defence of victims

Founded in 1996, the VAN TESLAAR law firm specialises in personal injury compensation. Member of the National Association of Lawyers for Personal Injury Victims (ANADAVI) as well as its European and American equivalents (PEOPIL and AAJ), the firm’s various fields of intervention are detailed on this website. We provide legal services throughout France, whether in an amicable settlement or before a court of law.

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Avocat Spécialiste en Réparation du Dommage Corporel

Our expertise in support of victims

Our firm defends victims exclusively in their dealings with insurance companies or paying agencies such as the FGAO, FGTI, and ONIAM, etc. A victim who is not assisted will not know how to best assert their rights, nor how to have the extent of their injuries acknowledged. Our firm is there to help them, and thus obtain the highest possible compensation.

We represented them

The accident occurred in France on a holiday from Australia. Thankfully the team I dealt with when returning to Australia spoke excellent English, especially as I only spoke basic French.

The fact that I could communicate with them in my own language made a real difference in this very stressful period of applying for compensation in a foreign country. All my contact with this firm was done by phone and email.

All through the process they were helpful, professional, trustworthy and dedicated to achieving the best possible compensation outcome for me.  I would definitely recommend using this firm, even if you live outside of France.

Virginia P. (Australie)

We represented them

I found this firm professional and realistic with their information, I felt well looked after and was happy with the outcome of the case.

Alliyah S. (Australie)