Cabinet Van Teslaar, spécialiste de la réparation des dommages corporels.

Avocat Spécialiste en Réparation du Dommage Corporel

We are able to adapt our fees to your means.

The firm charges at an hourly rate of €300 for its services.
Nevertheless, it is possible to agree on a contingency fee. In such a scenario, there will be a modest fixed fee coupled with a percentage of the amounts obtained and paid within the framework of a transaction or a ruling.
For this small fixed component, we can grant you extended payment terms. Thus, we can proceed to defend you without requiring you to advance a retainer fee.
You can contact our firm to schedule an appointment during which, after discussing and examining the case, you will be provided with information on how fees will be determined. No such fees will be charged for this initial meeting.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to cover the fees?

Our fees are based on an hourly rate. However, you can always opt for the contingency fee, whereby our remuneration will be based on a percentage of the amounts awarded and settled. There is a small portion of the fee that will be fixed. However, we can wait for you to be awarded funds before proceeding with our payment, whether it is a retainer or the final compensation.

I would like to pay the fees on the basis of an instalment plan, is this possible?

t is always possible to pay in instalments if you so desire. In practice, however, only the small fixed component of the fee is subject to payment by instalments if you opted for the performance fee. In fact, the fee based on results will always be a percentage of what you will eventually be awarded, so it should not be a payment problem. For this smaller fixed portion that is not contingent upon the outcome, as explained in the previous answer, we can also wait for you to receive a provision or a final compensation.

The insurance or compensation fund is prepared to make a payment to me. Is it in my interest to engage a lawyer?

If your injuries or losses are significant, it is in your interest to be assisted by our firm. Indeed, the additional damages awarded to you thanks to our assistance will enable you to compensate, in most cases to a large extent, any fees to be paid.

The insurance or compensation fund has made me an offer. Do I have to accept it?

Before accepting any settlement, discuss it with our firm. If we feel your rights have not been sufficiently respected, we may offer to intervene on your behalf to obtain a better compensation, proposing a performance fee on the additional damages we obtain for you. Put another way, we may be able to suggest that our fees be based on a percentage of the excess compensation between what the insurance company initially proposed and what we ultimately obtain for you.